Worried you might miss a vital eMail getting your hair cut?

Bored of reading papers and magazines?

Fancy chatting to mates online while you wait?

We hear you …

Yes, we do get busy. Thats the price you pay when you are Cheltenham’s leading barber shop. And, yes, busy can mean you have to wait. In recognition of this, Andy’s+Co are proud to give all of our customers¬†free wireless broadband access-point. Simply bring along your laptop, smart phone or other Wi-Fi device, and connect straight in to the internet. No passwords, no fees, no hassle.

Why are we doing all this for free?

Simply because Andys has always had a philosophy of providing the most modern, comfortable and stylish environment for men to relax in and enjoy the finest haircut in all of Cheltenham.

Think this is a good idea? Do you have any other suggestions?

If so, please register with this site and leave us some feedback. Don’t worry, we wont mail you unless you want us to!

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